Presentation at the American Holistic Nursing Association Annual Conference

Sunday, June 10, 2018; 9:15 am Niagara Falls NY Convention Center

Kate Dean-Haidet PhD, RN,PCM-CNS and I will be doing a presentation on a program we have been delivering for the Ohio Health Hospice organization at ANHA’s 38th Annual Conference: Holistic Nursing: Creating & Expanding Global Presence in Niagara Falls on June 5-10th, 2018.  If you come to the AHNA conference, I would love to have you come to our Presentation on Sunday morning.

The presentation is Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Pain & Anxiety: Enhancing Skills for End-of-Life Comfort Care (NPhCC)—a Pilot Study by Sharon Stout-Shaffer, PhD, RN & Kate Dean-Haidet, PhD, RN,PCM-CNS